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With experience of both western and eastern medicine, Kimberly has been healing people for almost 30 years.


​After achieving the highest level a Nurse Practitioner 

could, she decided to follow her core belief 

about healing & wellness... 


Thank you for visiting. I am excited you are here! I am here to help keep you on your chosen path whether you are looking for transformation on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. A hand to steady & encourage you as you move through the waves of change. Together we will find the path to empower you to take charge of YOUR heath & live a life full of vitality.

We are all just walking each other home. Rumi

Let’s travel this road together. 


Yours in Wellness, 

Image by Arno Smit


"Shindai met me where Cleveland Clinic couldn’t. For over thirty years, I lived in severe pain from chronic neurological and autoimmune diseases. Here, I found the practical blend of western and eastern medicine expertise. Now my agony is reduced to where I am among the living again.


—  Lisa P.

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