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The face is a powerful communication tool. It is usually the first thing someone notices about you. Some wrinkles, lines, marks can be eliminated with treatments. Other so called imperfections are simply reflections of your life’s journey and need to be honored and respected.


Learning what your face is communicating will give you insights into your deeper self. It is also a way to pamper yourself with the best facial you will ever experience.


* you want to know more about what your face is communicating or

* you want pampering, relaxation and a deeper glow or

* you want to eliminate unwanted imperfections without Botox or surgery

Relaxing Massage

The Challenge

How do you reclaim a more youthful appearance without using dangerous poisons or cutting into your face, leaving you with a traumatic procedure to recover from


The Solution

Shindai Facial Acupuncture restores vitality and a more youthful appearance to your face and rebalances your body to support lasting change.


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Image by Allison Wopata


I initially went to Kimberly because my chin had atrophied…it wasn’t from an injury, I was just losing muscle tissue on one side of my chin. I found this disturbing & was even considering synthetic fillers to correct it, but I really wanted a natural option. After a series of sessions the muscle tissue literally became healthy & full again…it was like magic!

I kept working with Kimberly and she made me realize it was my duty to care for myself, to put me first. I had never really invested in myself before but Kimberly made it feel good and safe. The acupuncture sessions send me to a different realm…it is hard to describe it but for me it is a state in between awake and asleep, where my stress and physical discomforts disappear. When I leave each session I feel energized and refreshed, like I just slept a full night. I think if I had not had Kimberly’s support and been able to rely on the rejuvenating nature of the sessions I would not have been able to weather my divorce & rebuild my life in the positive way I have. 

Thank you Shindai! I am grateful. 

— Angie L.

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