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What Will I Experience During the Shindai Facial Treatments?

During your treatments, we will use proprietary Japanese Facial and Body Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Kampo Japanese
Herbal Medicine, facial massage, gua sha, cupping, masks, poultices, organic products as well as other modalities.
Because of the less invasive nature of Japanese Acupuncture you will hardly even notice you are having acupuncture.

After just one treatment, you will notice a glow to your complexion and your face will appear more “open”. Your
eyes will have a renewed clarity and you will already appear to be more rested.

Between the fifth and seventh treatments, you and others will notice significant differences in how you look and you are
now presenting a sense of relaxation and calmness that is obvious to those around you.

Your eyes, neck and jowls have begun to lift.
You begin to notice that your whole body feels better.
You now change what you say to yourself when you look into the mirror.
No longer do you look tired…or in as much pain.

How Do I Maintain the Fabulous New Way I Look & Feel?

To maintain that fresh new you, you will be invited to continue with the nutrition and herbal plan…and even the
emotional growth you uncovered during your treatment.
Two months after your last treatment, we find that those who make sure to have a maintenance session once a month
continue to have the results they are looking to achieve. These maintenance sessions give you the opportunity to
address all of your medical issues that impact how you feel…and look!

What Kind of Products are Used and are they Safe?

We will never put near…on…or in your body anything that is toxic or that could cause you harm. In order to achieve
the results you desire, we strongly urge you to make that same commitment to yourself beyond the Shindai Wellness
treatment room.

Our facial rejuvenation products of choice include 5YINA which are certified organic, preservative-free and are Eastern
Medicine based. We do have 5YINA available for sale for your convenience.

Are there any Contraindications I Need to Worry About?

This is a natural and safe alternative invasive surgical cosmetic procedures. But, it is not for everyone. Be sure to
discuss if you have any of the following during your first visit…we may want to treat your body before attending to your

• Severe, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure
• Severe, Uncontrolled Migraines
• If you are Pregnant
• Have a Cold or Flu or Herpes outbreak or other Allergic reaction
• Are within four to six months of Botox or filler injections
• Have had a recent Laser Resurfacing (within three months)
• Have had Microdermabrasion within one week

Are there Cost Savings When Buying a Series of Treatments?

Yes. Click Here to see the most current pricing.

How Many Treatments Will I Need & How Long Do They Last?

You have a choice to make. Do you want a single-visit re-fresh or do you want to undergo total-body transformation?
Both approaches fit into the benefits of a Shindai Facial
Usually 12 to 15 treatments are necessary to see long-lasting results. But you will see benefits from just one visit as well.
Ideally we recommend two procedure sessions per week. Each session will last up to two hours.

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