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A 6-week transformation to release mindset blocks, unlock your reason for being here (your mind, mandate from heaven), learn to live consciously and attract a reality of freedom and joy

The "Your Golden Path" coaching program with Kimberly Maloney offers one-on-one personalized coaching for individuals seeking transformative personal growth, self-discovery, and manifestation. Tailored to your unique needs and goals, this program provides guidance and support to overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your purpose, and live a conscious and joyful life. Unlock your true potential and create a path to freedom and fulfillment.


Highly Educated & Experienced

My experience includes extensive education and training in both Western and Eastern Medicine. My path began as a critical care nurse, and then with a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, I became a nurse practitioner specializing in trauma, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, and bone marrow transplants.



 Kimberly Maloney, MSTOM, L.A.c



Relaxing Massage

Step 1


Uncover and address the hidden beliefs, fears, and patterns holding you back through shadow work. Explore your story and gain insights into how past experiences have shaped your mindset. Learn about spiritual laws to align with universal principles, elevating your consciousness and laying the foundation for personal growth.


The 3 steps within 

The Golden Path


Step 2


Develop a powerful and empowering mindset by recognizing the impact of your choices. Take responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, cultivating positivity and growth. Overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and manifest your desires by mastering your inner dialogue, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, and creating conscious choices.

Relaxing Massage

Step 3


Envision your ideal life and create a compelling vision that aligns with your purpose. Learn practical techniques for manifestation, including intention, visualization, and action. Emphasize self-care, healing, and balance to amplify your ability to attract abundance, joy, and freedom into your reality. Embark on a transformative journey to release mindset blocks, unlock your reason for being, live consciously, and manifest a life of freedom and joy through "Your Golden Path" Coaching Program with Kimberly Maloney.


"Embrace the power within you to rewrite your story, unlock your purpose, and manifest a reality filled with freedom, joy, and infinite possibilities."

The 6 Weeks

Transform your life today!


Your Golden Path Awaits!

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