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Medical Issues

Real...Deep...Healing... can be found when you integrate your healing  approaches among your entire being.




Decades of Dual Experience.

Because Shindai Wellness™ was built from decades  of practicing both Western and Eastern Medical healing systems, we understand how to focus on the most pressing issues…and then when you are ready, we can start to branch out to find deeper, 

non-damaging ways to the wellness you seek.


We Understand… 

typically your entry point to REAL 

healing will be where you are suffering the most. 

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Turn Your Situation Around… 

with Proactive & Restorative Medicine. Are you at the end of your rope & suffering from the consequences from procedures and medicines? Or are you at a beginning of your journey? 


Take back the power...

and ownership of your healing.  YOU are in charge. Let’s bring an end to your pain and suffering… even if you feel hopeless.

Experienced in Healing...

Here are just a few of the issues we have addressed successfully.

  Respiratory Issues  Fibromyalgia  Gastrointestinal Disorders  Full Body Pain  Back & Spine Pain   • Neurological Dysfunction • Diabetes • Thyroid Issues • Lupus • Multiple Sclerosis   • Gynecological/Hormonal  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Sleep Disorders • Endocrine Systems disorders  • High Blood Pressure • Lyme's • Narcolepsy   • Arthritis • Restless Leg Syndrome  • Allergies • Anxiety • Depression   • Brain Fog  • Hopelessness • Diminished Life Energy • Stuck-in-a-Rut • Suffering • Trapped Emotions  • Stifling Living Space • Toxic Relationships • Unhealthy Lifestyle Choice • Work Space Issues • Stressful Environments • Trapped  Negative Behaviors  and more...

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