A Truly Grand Opening

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The excitement is building at Shindai Acupuncture! Our Grand Opening is just around the corner & I can’t wait to see you all there! It will be a time filled with events that are entertaining & promote good Qi in this new space!

Have you heard of a Lion dance? You won’t want to miss this experience! It is an East Asian tradition where performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune to the new space and to all who witness the dance. This may bring out your inner roar in celebration! 

We are on Native American soil here in Sedona & as such, we will pay homage to the energy that is around us. Callie Hill & James Riverstone will be offering up a Native American prayer in the Andean tradition & song as a blessing to the new space & as a sign of respect to those that have been here before us. Aho!

Increasing your physical, emotional, & spiritual health is the priority at Shindai. It is only with good health that an individual can enjoy & nourish: relationships, travel, creativity, wealth, career, wisdom, & family. Improving your vitality & well-being touches every aspect of your life! 

As part of Shindai’s mission to further wellness in our lives, we are creating a beautiful Zen garden for all of us to bask in. Creating this sacred space allows us to connect, even for just a short time, to nature & ourselves. A meditation before or after your treatment will bring about deeper healing & a more balanced outlook. We have people already lined up to offer free QiGong classes in the garden as well as other wonderful offerings. 

As part of the Zen garden, we are designing a beautiful tiled Bagua to add to the catalyzing & healing energy of the garden. A Bagua is a motif that incorporates the eight trigrams of the I Ching arranged octagonally around