Allergies & Acupuncture, Nature Doesn’t Hate You!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I wish I had the magic acupuncture needle or herbal formula, that made allergies just BE GONE! For sufferers, allergy season brings on fatigue of the body & spirit that can be overwhelming. Is nature striking back? No, allergies happen everywhere. In Japan, the cedar & cypress tree pollen is said to be the cause, in Sedona we blame the Juniper trees. But these trees have been around for ages & it is only in more recent history that we see the issues with allergies we do today. 

Nature doesn’t hate you

Allergies are a complex interplay of issues with multiple factors given for the rise in allergies over the years.  Adverse changes in the quality of our air, water, & food have certainly affected us. Our digestive systems have been put under more strain than ever before, with GMO engineered foods, antibiotics, too many cold foods, & problems with eating disorders. We are now seeing these problems in children much earlier than we have in the past. 

Another factor is how we live. We often lead lives sealed in heated or air-conditioned dwelling, subjecting the body to wind, an external pathogen, even when we are inside. Allergies are also worse in the spring time. In Chinese medicine, Spring is considered the season of wind & can drive external pathogens into the body (wind-heat, wind-cold, wind-damp). Eventually, anything trapped stagnates & turns to heat. The blocked nasal passages, nasal discharge, loss of taste, nasal polyps, red eyes that we see around this time are often caused by heat that has been trapped in the area & ultimately in the Lungs.