Conscious Beauty

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Conscious Beauty

Conscious Beauty is on its simplest level a choice we all get to make every day. It is the food choices we make, our lifestyle choices, the products we buy, how we treat others, our emotional breadth, our daily health. It is the daily choices that we make to cultivate Good Qi. Conscious Beauty is our emotional balance, our physical health, our commitment to ethical living, & the unity of the human spirit. All this ends up reflected on our organic calling card to each other…our face!

Health is a Daily Activity!

Your face is a physical & emotional map made of hundreds of little moments stored on the face. Each line & wrinkle carries energy & its own vibration. Our joy, sadness, challenges are all channeled back to us.

Our brain has the ability to store emotional memories as a way of protecting us from future dramas. This defense mechanism is instinctive & while sometimes beneficial, can also cause us to live reactively instead of consciously. Bringing these patterns into our awareness means we can release them & live a life with greater emotional breadth.

Beliefs that are unconscious can still be manifested as illness.

Wrinkles are not an inevitable co