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Conscious Beauty is more than skin deep.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Conscious BeautyTM, as we discussed last month, is made up of all the daily health choices we make from diet, to lifestyle, to what products we buy. All these choices end up affecting our health & get reflected on our skin & face. I am a huge proponent of natural, organic skincare. I want to take a few minutes to tell you why!

When I talk about organic skincare, I am referring to products that are made of plant-derived & naturally occurring ingredients. That means these are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO, etc. They are also not manufactured with harmful preservatives. Organic products are not only much better for our ecosystem, by protecting our water & soil & reducing pollution, but they are also better for us. High-quality ingredients mean superior products, that don’t aggravate our skin or pollute our bodies.

We spend a lot of time choosing healthy foods to put into our bodies to produce optimal health. Your skin needs good “food” just like our bodies.

Just like cooking, the better ingredients the better the soup! 

We need to have the same focus or even more on the products we put on our skin. In Japanese Meridian Therapy the Lung organ is active in the Fall & is responsible for the collecting, purifying, & descending functions of the body. Our skin is considered the largest organ in our body, responsible for helping us breathe, protecting us from toxins, & managing our water pathways. Keeping our skin healthy means a better defense to our environment & pathogens we encounter. Here in Arizona, where we have an unusually dry climate, this is especially important. Caring for our lungs & our skin means better immunity & wellness!

If you can’t eat it, you definitely don’t want to wear it on your skin!

Ingredients that are absorbed through the skin bypass the first pass metabolism & 60-80% of items put on your skin are is absorbed into the bloodstream. Normally ingredients go through our GI system & are inactivated before they get to the Liver. When things are absorbed from the skin they go directly to the bloodstream & bypass first pass metabolism, & put a greater burden for detoxification on the Liver (portal) system.

Think for example, about many hormone delivery systems that use transdermal delivery systems so that medicines are not negated by the first pass metabolism of the liver. Many people know how important Liver function is & even do cleanses to help promote its function. The Liver in Japanese Meridian therapy has a lot of responsibility. It is responsible for the flow of blood, detoxifying physical & emotional factors, directing qi, & maintaining the defense of the body. Making sure you are using natural, organic products give your liver a break & keep you healthy!

Transforming your visage & getting a healthy glow, is more than just the products you choose, but organic skincare nourishes the skin & fights the signs of aging without making yourself toxic.

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