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Esoteric Acupuncture

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Take a deep cleansing breath, quiet your mind, drop into your heart, & let the magic happen. 

Do you need help allowing the magic? Shifting your energy so that you are in your heart space? Are you trying to release yourself from past negativity, destructive habits, blockages, disharmony, & restriction? Are you searching for a way to open up & let go of emotional & spiritual tension to allow in a harmonious flow of inner love & peace? Are you ready to let go & dissolve your fears? 

I would like to tell you about Esoteric Acupuncture. It is a non-traditional form of acupuncture that focuses on spiritual growth and personal evolution. It is a way to open up the deepest energy fields of the heart chakra. Esoteric Acupuncture uses specially designed geometric patterns of needle placement that work on subtle levels of very fine frequencies. They allow sound-light vibrations to enter through the acupuncture points, thus “accelerating the spin of cell molecules and causing the formation of light micro-fibrils within the cells.” The needle patterns allow reorganization of body patterns on every level of our being, from consciousness to the physical body. Mental clarity and vibrant health are experienced as disharmony, disease and disconnection are dispelled. In addition, deeper states of meditation are achieved along with greater emotional calm.

When we get caught up in the mundane world we lose connection with ourselves. Or sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that we cannot make a realistic connection with the outside world. When we are out of touch with our core being we lose the ability to know ourselves or others which impairs our ability to have intimate relationships, blocks our joy & happiness in life. When we are out of touch with ourselves we block our ability to be intuitive. Life seems to be an on-going struggle & we are not in-tune with the Divine timing of life. 

When we connect the shen/spirit with our inner essence or jing, the connection between the kidneys & the heart is stabilized & strengthened. It also connects the shen to our ming, or destiny, so that one can find & fully realize their path in life. When you are in alignment with the Divine, people, things, & events in your life are supportive of the direction they take. By stabilizing this connection you can realign yourself with your Karma. This shift means you are less emotionally reactive & able to respond more consciously in your life. You become more in control of your life!

As the body responds to Esoteric Acupuncture treatments, one feels change, at times subtle & at other times stronger. Benefits include:

  • Alignment and balancing of the chakras

  • Harmonizing of body and mind

  • More mental clarity and insight

  • Ability to achieve a more focused meditation

  • Feeling of wellness from within

Sessions are usually 90 minutes long to allow the experience of total relaxation and to achieve the state of a completely silent mind.

“What a powerful and amazing experience. The days following were abundant with synchronicities and wisdom. Cannot wait to come back! - Tonya”

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