Happy Year of the Golden Ox!

Dear Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year! The Golden Ox is here. The Ox is the second animal in the zodiac and brings us constancy and cooperation. The Ox is slow moving but steady and ushers in a less volatile and more peaceful year (whew!). Now is the time to consider what you might bring to fruition this year, shift in emphasis, or let go entirely.

In addition to welcoming the year of the Metal Ox, I am excited to introduce Shindai’s new website. The new site is designed to reflect my goal of helping empower people to take charge of their health and live a life full of vitality. With this goal in mind, my practice includes coaching along with acupuncture and herbal medicines. Shindai Acupuncture has morphed to Shindai Wellness to reflect the more holistic nature of what I do. Please come visit me at for a peek!

The Shindai Facial treatment continues to deepen as I learn more about the face and all it has to share about who we are. I have undertaken a mentorship with Lillian Bridges, who is world renowned for Face Reading. Face reading in Chinese Medicine was one of the techniques used frequently in ancient times for diagnosis, as palpating the body was not always acceptable. Our faces are holographic maps of our internal organs, a biological blueprint that gives insight into our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Organ dysfunction or stress can often be seen from facial signs before medical tests. I am excited to be learning at a deeper level what the face has to show us about our journey to wholeness.

The Purpose of Life is to be yourself as much as you can be, by combining your innate talents and abilities with the wisdom from your life experience and merging them with your intrinsic spirit. Then give yourself back to the world as a gift. ~Lillian Bridges

Many of you have asked for more choices in my Shindai Facial treatments. Thank you for your suggestions. In addition to what has become the Shindai Facial and all of its luxury and pampering, I am offering some other options to appeal to different tastes. The Shindai Minis have two options, a facial that focuses on needles and one that focuses on massage: