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Invitation to HEART Healings

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Evidenced-based research is re-confirming that true…deep…healing and wellness happens when we attend to our BODY, HEART and SPACE.  Today let’s address your HEART.   During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are all faced with the tension of learning new ways to maneuver our daily lives.  Many of us are also experiencing depression and anxiety either from our own experiences and/or from the collective energetic (Qi) of what is occurring world-wide.  These feelings are expected and are normal.   But, by attending to your HEART, we can boost your inner strength (and your BODY’s immunity) as well as fill you with a calmer sense of love for both yourself and the world.  In essence, you will bring a deeper wellness to your personal Qi as well as to collective, Universal Qi field.    To help you achieve a strengthened HEART, my colleague Leslee Vogal-Fredrickson Counselor / Clinical Herbalist of The Institute for Wholeness and I, have created a remote, weekly HEART Healing.  We invite you to join us “together” because when two or more HEARTS are gathered the healing is amplified. Details
  • Tune-in from home 

  • 30 minute HEART Healing

  • Every Saturday from 1:00 to 1:30pm Arizona time

Suggested Ways to Prepare

  • Find and get settled in your quiet, place-of-peace before the HEART Healing begins

    • Ways to enhance your SPACE 

      • Light a candle

      • Burn some incense

      • Surround yourself with your favorite crystal or other object

      • Play calming background music

  • Before the healing begins, lock-into your specific HEART Healing intention

During the HEART Healing

  • During the first 15 minutes, consider that you are listening to the Divine.  Bring and listen with an open HEART.  

    • If your mind jumps around gently bring it back to your awareness…your breath, a mantra or just allow the thoughts to flow.

  • In the second 15 minutes we invite you to speak…sometimes called prayer. 

    • Communicate your intentions for HEART healing

      • Peace, Love, Understanding, Consciousness are some suggestions 

  • Visualize putting those intentions into your and the Universal Qi Field using light, colors, love, peace and the vibration of healing (however you see that) for yourself, others, the universe. 

  • Offer HEART healing intentions to individuals in need, our planet, or the Corona Virus 

  • Prior to closing at 1:30, sit for a moment in gratitude

Leslee and I are honored to bring you these HEART Healings. Together, we can go deeper into healing ourselves, each other and the Universe.  Yours in Wellness,  Kimberly Maloney MSTOM, L.Ac.  Shindai Acupuncture & Healing Arts 神代 619-587-1779 BODY-HEART-SPACE Total Healing

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