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Raise Your Vibration

Dear Friends,

It has been, ah em, a bit since I have reached out to you all. I always mean to keep in touch more regularly but the truth is, it just isn’t always possible to do one-more-thing! And I like to practice what I preach about self-care. So I hope you are all well, thriving and joyful if we haven’t connected recently!

Raise Your Vibration

Raise your vibration. We hear that a lot. What does it mean? What are ways to raise our vibration? You are a living energy field! Your Qi, life force energy, is a frequency or vibration. Your body is composed of energy producing particles that are in constant motion. You and everything around you is vibrating and creating energy. Vibrations are a type of rhythm that can happen on a large scale, like a season change, or on a smaller scale, like in your body. Heartbeats, breathing rates, circadian rhythms are physiological rhythms we can see, feel and measure. But there are smaller vibrations happening in your body too. You may not notice but each of your cells have their own vibration as well. A higher frequency or vibration in the body leads to better health and wellness. The higher your frequency or vibration the lighter you may feel in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. When your vibration is high you have access to your personal power, more clarity, peace, love, and joy.

There are lots of ways to raise your vibration. Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Eat healthy (greens & vegetables, unprocessed food, organic when possible)

  • Experience gratitude (just say what you are grateful for each day)

  • Move your body! (Dance, walks, stretch, swim, skip, cycle…you get the idea)

  • Take an epsom salt bath (you can feel your cells thanking you)

  • Meditate (even 5 minutes a day is a bonus)

  • Start saying no to the things that drain you

  • Walk barefoot on the Earth

  • Take some technology breaks

  • Read something positive

  • Breath deeply, slowly into your belly

  • Hug someone

  • Declutter a spot in your home

  • Spend some time with animals

  • Try turning your viewpoint to an optimistic one

  • Detach yourself from outcomes

  • Focus on the abundance in your life, not the lack

  • Smile! At yourself and others

  • Laugh

  • Find the positive in the person that is annoying you…change your anger to love]

  • Treat yourself with love and care

  • Drink lots of water - your cells will thank you

  • Listen to uplifting music

  • Develop a spiritual practice for yourself

  • Set an intention for your day when you rise in the morning

  • Accept responsibility for yourself

  • Take one small action toward your goals or dreams each day

  • Get some form of energy work regularly (Acupuncture is one type of energy medicine!)

Shindai has some offerings that will also help keep your vibe and frequency elevated.

A Shindai Facial or a Shindai Facial Mini.

It is still surprising sometimes how amazing people feel after a Shindai Facial. The face is a hologram of our whole being, reflecting back to us what is going on inside. Some of the points on the face are incredibly powerful in connecting us back to our source Qi. Giving your visage some love and attention can be a powerful way to influence your vibration.

A Shindai Facial now offers LightStim. LightStim is a leader in LED Light therapy. It uses 4 penetrating lights to stimulate circulation, collagen production, tighten pores and reduce inflammation. When you couple this therapy with the facial acupuncture you are really maximizing your facial renewal! Coupling the therapies you see improvement in scars, reduced breakouts, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles along with brighter skin!

This is now a part of the regular Shindai Facial and can be added to the Shindai Facial Mini for $30.


For those searching for something that gives more connection, a sense of belonging and eases the stress of our technologically driven way of being, a personalized ceremony for yourself or your group is one way to feel more wholeness. Mind, body and spirit get attention when you engage in meaningful ritual and ceremony. Connecting deeply with the flow of life encourages your heart to open and allows you to engage in life in a deeper way.

If this type of connection is calling to you reach out and we will connect on your intentions.

Space Clearing

Energetically, everything that happens in your space goes out in ripples, like when you throw a stone in a pond. The energy that ripples out registers in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture etc. Repetitive actions or highly charged events like trauma or arguments make a deeper imprint. We also generate a certain amount of psychic debris on a daily basis by just living our lives. Space clearing is a higher level of house cleaning that is essential to the energetic maintenance of your space. It is a way to maintain vital flow of clear Qi in your home or business. When you maintain good flow of Qi in your space, you shift the overall vibration of the area to create better health, abundance and joy!

If this service is calling reach out for more information.


As Summer comes to a close we will begin to feel the transition into Fall. We move out of fire/heart time and into metal/lung time. Transitions can sometimes challenge our vibration. One way to keep your vibe and wellness high is to flow with the change of season. Changing up your routine to match the season will help your body adjust. Transitioning from the cooling foods of the summer to foods that are good for the Lungs. Dryness and wind dominate the fall season so foods that generate fluid and moisten the lungs are perfect for this time of year. Pears, apples, persimmons, figs, pumpkins, mulberries, nuts and seeds are some examples.

Metal reflects our core issues, the most refined part of ourselves. What lies deep within your mountain? Metal time is the season to reap what we have sown from Summer, distill and find value in what is around us and let go of what no longer serves us. This process of unearthing what is buried deep, distilling it and preparing our landscape for fresh ideas, experiences, thoughts etc. is a way to keep our energy bright and vital. Acupuncture is an advanced energy medicine that helps keep the body's Qi flowing smoothly. If you haven't had a session in awhile, now is a great time. Meet the change of season with more flow and wellness!

Yours in Wellness, Kimberly Maloney MSTOM, LAc 619-587-1779 Proactive & Restorative Medicine

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