Updated: Aug 25, 2020

If you’re like me, you are digging deep trying to understand:
  • What is happening

  • How to remain calm and not panic

  • How to stay well or how to get well if this virus has you in its grip

  • And perhaps most important:  How to hold onto new truths we uncover when we collectively move out of this plight  

My goal in writing you over the next several weeks is to help you achieve all of the above goals by building on the in-person treatments we may have together and/or by giving you treatments remotely depending on your unique situation.  Let’s get started. Shindai Wellness is the embodiment of a way of life, a philosophy and is evidence-based medicine. With the over 27 years of Western and Eastern medicine, I created the Shindai Wellness approach to heal, strengthen and unify each of the three pillars that are at the root of achieving deep health:

  • BODY


  • SPACE 

Today let’s address our BODY Build Your Immunity Some of you may feel that it is too risky to continue with immune-building treatments.  I urge you to increase what you do to build your immunity. 

  • Drink warm drinks & foods. The virus seems to hang out in the throat for 2-4 days before going to the lungs. Being consistent with drinking warm fluids helps to push any virus to the stomach where it will be inactivated by stomach fluids. 

  • Gargle salt water or antiseptic at least daily 

  • Boost your Zinc levels (not just your Vitamin C). Your body needs Zinc t