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Shindai Acupuncture Goes Mobile

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

New Mobile Office

Shindai Acupuncture has gone mobile! Why limit acupuncture to just one location? I decided instead of hunkering down in an office space that limited my mobility & access to clients, I would find a way to have an office that moved with me. I solved this geographical problem by investing in a mobile office! The 26 foot trailer is spacious, has all the amenities of a stationary office, is peaceful, & can go where I need to.


Besides the perks of getting to see & meet different people, mixing up my surroundings brings fresh inspiration & the ability to collaborate with colleagues in different areas. I have met so many lovely clients & people along the road that I might not have got to interact with before. 

Where to find Shindai Acupuncture

I am currently at the Mission Bay RV park (2727 De Anza Road, San Diego) once a month seeing Facial Renewal clients. (Please see website for upcoming dates in the events section) The relaxing breezes from the bay, the inviting office atmosphere, & a treatment that unwinds the stresses & complications of your life are all waiting for you! And I always love giving treatments here in Sedona, Az overlooking the powerful, beautiful red rocks, at 135 Sunrise Ave. Call for an appointment or to learn more! 619-587-1779

Concierge Service

The mobile clinic now allows for concierge acupuncture services as well! Are you having a special event that you need to look good for? Wedding, anniversary, special party? One of my specialties is Constitutional Facial Renewal. I have been specially trained by world renowned Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. I use facial acupuncture to transform the accumulated stress & toxic emotions that lead to wrinkles, lines, sagging, & dull skin. Through acupuncture & all natural products your inner vitality can be accessed & your light & beauty can shine through on your face. If you have a party of 4 or more & a place for me to park you can have your own private acupuncture spa at your door!

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