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The Shindai Vision

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Shindai is growing & with all the healing bursting out of the space it gave me pause to reflect & be grateful for what is developing. The vision of Shindai has always been one of healing & wellness through cooperation & interaction with different high quality healers. I see healing & wellness as a process where each step leads to more awareness & integration. Transformation is more fully realized through interaction with different modalities & practitioners. Different reactions are catalyzed by different modalities of healing & each practitioner has a different way of approaching this change. This cooperation & group intention or Qi, is so powerful. 

I am reminded of how powerful group Qi is from an experience I had years ago. I attended a conference where each day we were asked to put aside our limiting beliefs in a unique way. We accomplished three seemingly unbelievable tasks. We broke a wooden arrow with our neck, two people walked together & bent rebar steel with their necks, & we walked, barefoot across a fire bed that was 1000 degrees or more. All seems so crazy! And yet all three of these were accomplished without injury. How? Partly by putting aside the belief that it couldn’t be done & partly by accessing the collective Qi that was created by the group. 

Shindai now has an amazing team of healers that can hold space for deep healing & transformation. We are able to offer healing retreats that are completely personalized to your needs. We all work seamlessly together, picking up where another practitioner left off to shift you to a better state of wellness. If any sort of trauma or dis-ease has entered your body/mind & taken up residence there it impacts your physiology & psychology profoundly. Lifting that trauma up & out, unwinding the dysfunction that has formed around it & shifting to a better place is our dearest hope for you.

Whether you are a Sedona local or from another place a complete healing experience can be tailored to your needs. Or you may choose to sample what these healers have to offer in your own way. We all hold space for Sheng Ming or bright spirit. Meaning that there is always a way to bring new light to a situation even in the midst of prevailing disharmony. - Kimberly

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