Veterans, Post Traumatic Stress, and Acupuncture

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

There are considered three treasures in Oriental Medicine, Jing, Qi, & Shen. Jing is your essence or the source of life, health, & longevity. Qi is your vital energy giving you the ability to move your body. Shen is your spirit & is the most subtle of the Three Treasures. Conscious beauty as we have been talking about has to do with nurturing all of these aspects to maintain health & wellness. Developing a healthy Shen is dependent on cultivating healthy Jing & Qi. The development of a balanced body allows the Shen to shine. 

This month I am supporting the Earned Innocence Project, a fundraiser to empower our veterans & bring them home to themselves. PTS is a significant problem & issue for many that have been in the military or lived through a traumatic event. Trauma & shock have profound physiological effects on us.  Whether physical or emotional, trauma causes the circulation of Qi & blood to diminish. Trauma causes a shock to the heart & affects the circulation of blood to the body. 

According to the RAND Corporation study titled The Invisible Wounds of War, approximately 300,000 of the 1.5 million deployed since 2001 to Iraq and Afghanistan, suffer from PTS or major depression. And about 320,000 may have experienced at least a mild concussion or brain injury in combat. PTS can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, as well as pain originating from psychosomatic disorders. More & more studies are showing that acupuncture helps to ameliorate or resolve symptoms associated with PTS. And unlike many conventional therapies that require patients to reconstruct the traumatic event to heal, this is not necessary with acupuncture related treatments. Because acupuncture does not require the sufferer to reveal the traumatic experience, people are more willing to engage in this treatment. According to studies coming out of the Pentagon & other areas studying PTS recovery, acupuncture has been found to be a highly successful treatment when compared to other alternative therapies & conventional therapy.

Trauma affects