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Space Clearing
& Ceremony

Everyone and everything has a conscious spirit; we are all manifestations of pure energy. Our energy, and the energy around us, is constantly fluctuating, changing and transforming. We are a part of that energy, not separate from it. Homes are nourished by the way that we care for them and hold them in our heart just like our bodies. 

With the proper care, love and attention our homes or places we work, can be areas of renewable energy for us. Places that pulsate with positive, nourishing vitality that we can tap into and use to support our highest of intentions. 

Space Clearing

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Energetically, everything that ever happens in a building goes out in ripples just like when you throw a stone in a pond. The energy that ripples out registers in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other objects. Repetitive actions or highly charged events like trauma or arguments make a more deep imprint. Maybe you have had the experience of walking into a room after an argument and feeling the tension that has been left behind? We also generate a certain amount of psychic debris on a daily basis just through living our lives. Sometimes intense debris may attract unwanted energies, thoughts, memories, beliefs, ghosts or entities. 

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Space Clearing is a higher level of house cleaning that is essential to the energetic maintenance of
your space. It is a way to maintain the vital flow of clear Qi and keep vibrant energy in your home or business. When you clear your space you shift the overall vibration of the area to create better health, abundance and happiness!

Consider Clearing:

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• A new home to bless

• An old home with trauma

• A remodeled home

• You want to sell your home

• A shared work environment

• After guests have visited

• Places of practice (your creative space, studio, offices etc.)

• After an argument

• After an illness or death

• If things seem to keep going awry in your space or yourself

• A major life change (starting or ending a relationship, new career, new job, challenging time, etc. )

• It’s been awhile? Clear at least yearly 

Contact for more information and pricing


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Many of us feel the call to search for something that will give us connection, a sense of belonging, purpose or meaning. We have an increasing feeling of stress, isolation, anxieties and depression. You might wonder where did my fire for life go?


As we have become more and more technologically efficient and “evolved” we have also sacrificed our connection to the earth, each other and ourselves. Our fast paced living has created a certain level of soul starvation or Shen deficiency, that is affecting our mental, emotional and physical well-being. The amount of armoring it takes to survive each day is placing an incredible amount of stress and constriction on our inner palace or altar…our Heart.  We have deprived ourselves of experiencing a wider reality, much richer than a purely material one, that shows us we have a much more substantial place in the world. 


East Asian medicine has at its core the idea of wholeness. That all the parts of mind, body and spirit must be addressed if we are to be whole, healthy and full of vitality. This disconnection from our spiritual core has put many on a search for something that takes us beyond. You are not alone in your quest. 


Ceremony is one way to connect to the earth, seasons, and each other. It is an opportunity to nurture your inner altar, connect and gather Ling (cosmic energy), to take a step out of the mundane and go beyond.

If you would like me to facilitate a ceremony for yourself or your group please call to discuss details and pricing. 


From my Heart, 

Image by Arno Smit


“Kimberly gave us just what we needed and more! We didn’t expect to be so moved by the evening, the space she created was truly amazing. It was like stepping into a capsule of magic. We are so grateful.”

—  Lauren & Heather, Ohio

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