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Concerns about Dry Needling

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

A friend asked me about what “dry needling” was the other day. I thought I would address this in case you are wondering too. Dry needling has been adopted recently by non-acupuncturists to treat muscle pain. Solid needles are inserted into trigger points on the muscle to get it to relax. So what’s the difference between that & Acupuncture?  Acupuncture is a medicine that has been around for thousands of years, requires specialized training, licensure & is backed up by empirical & scientific evidence. Acupuncture schools requires 1000’s of clinical practice hours, intensive testing & continuing education. Dry needling is often taught in a weekend & there is very little oversight after that training. The Shindai Wellness approach to medicine is dedicated to more than being technically proficient in various modalities. It is a commitment to a classically inspired medicine that has endured over generations & is still applicable today. When I am confronted by a person with muscular pain I don’t always needle right into that muscle. There may be other internal issues that need attention first (deficiencies or excess in the body, heat or cold trapped somewhere, blood not moving correctly etc.) When these are addressed first you get a better result. The strength of Shindai Wellness medicine is that each treatment is individualized & tailored to the need of the individual. The care, attention & methods of treatment are flexible & creative because they come from a broad background & knowledge of natural philosophy. In helping people find wellness, I encourage them to become their own healer & discerner of what will work for them. I encourage all my clients to integrate all options available & to choose the most experienced practitioner for the issues you are facing & only let them do what they are expertly trained to practice.    If you have a need to get well, contact me at 619.587.1779 Kimberly Maloney L.Ac.  Shindai Wellness Sedona. Az

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