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Dancing Cranes DiariesInvitation To Heart Healings

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Our Saturday virtual HEART Healings continue to deepen our resolve to boost our inner strength, our BODY’s immunity and fill ourselves with a calmer sense of internal and external love.  Together we are bringing a deeper wellness to our personal Qi as well as to the collective, Universal Qi field.    This Saturday, April 11th we again will gather (virtually) to do this important journey work.   Attached is an audio file of the invocation you can use to start our time together and during the week in support of your own HEART Healing journey.    Details
  • Using your HEART, tune-in from home 

  • 30 minute HEART Healing

  • Every Saturday from 1:00 to 1:30pm Arizona time

Suggested Ways to Prepare

  • Find and get settled in your quiet, place-of-peace before the HEART Healing begins

    • Ways to enhance your SPACE 

      • Light a candle

      • Burn some incense

      • Surround yourself with your favorite crystal or other object

      • Play calming background music

  • Before the healing begins, lock-into your specific HEART Healing intention

During the HEART Healing

  • During the first 15 minutes, consider that you are listening to the Divine.  Bring and listen with an open HEART.  

    • If your mind jumps around gently bring it back to your awareness…your breath, a mantra or just allow the thoughts to flow.

  • In the second 15 minutes we invite you to speak…sometimes called prayer. 

    • Communicate your intentions for HEART healing

      • Peace, Love, Understanding, Consciousness are some suggestions 

  • Visualize putting those intentions into your and the Universal Qi Field using light, colors, love, peach and he vibration of healing

  • Offer HEART healing intentions to individuals in need, our planet, or the Corona Virus 

  • Prior to closing at 1:30, sit for a moment in gratitude

My collegue, Leslee Vogel and I are honored to bring you these HEART Healings.   Together, we can go deeper into healing ourselves, each other and the Universe. 

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