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Staying & Getting Healthy

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As a highly trained Western & Eastern Medical Professional with over 27 years of practice, I naturally found myself intimately involved in most of the past viral epidemics including Rotavirus (bad flu) to SARS to H1N1 while living in a major metropolitan area.  *I’ve included  more about my medical background at the end of this letter if you would like to know more about my credentials.   Like you, I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about our current COVID-19 situation.  A lot is helpful…some is grossly not helpful.  Here I hope to give you more of a feeling of empowerment about what you can do, and how Shindai Wellness can help.    COVID-19 is serious, it is here in Sedona & it will most likely affect you or someone you know. Here are the basics:
  • This virus has a very fast transmission rate.

  • It affects your lungs primarily but there is evidence of it effecting and mimicking regular “flu” symptoms. 

  • You are at higher risk if you are over 60, and/or have any lung issues, have co-morbidities (other medical issues like a suppressed immune system), are a smoker, work with the public, or have significant stress in your life.

Seriously, Eastern Medicine Works.  

  • NIH (National Institutes of Health) has reported that Eastern Medicine including acupuncture & herbal medicine has proven to be superior in 55,000 reported cases to Western/Allopathic medicine. 

  • Acupuncture & especially Moxa (a heated compound used during treatment)  has shown to increase the number of immune defense cells circulating in your blood which are needed to fight the virus. 

  • Herbal medicine is one of the purist forms medicine you can put into your body.  Those patients that have been treated with herbal medicine are recovering faster & they are showing less long term effects. 

So what can you…we…do?  If you are healthy

  • Keep your immune system boosted by:

    • Do the common sense things:  wash your hands, socially distance yourself, stop touching your face, stop touching others, and change your travel plans.  

    • Eat well – cut out sugar and processed food.

    • Drink warm drinks

    • Get plenty of sleep

    • Use Vitamin C (5-10,000/day), Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Elderberry

    • DO NOT use a face mask.  Masks are for health care workers or if you need to go to the hospital. 

    • Consider getting proven Immune Booster treatments from Shindai Wellness.  

      • For the first time ever, we are offering Immune Boosting treatments at significantly reduced costs in an effort to help keep our community healthy.  (Normal treatments appointments are still available, while this specific treatment is offered at $50. 

      • This Immunity Booster treatment is available to all current and new clients until further notice.  

If you have symptoms (tickle in your throat, dry cough, fever, chills…): 

  • Call or text me at (619)587-1779

  • Do not come to the office. 

  • If you are an existing client, I will follow you remotely and offer proven herbal formulas based on your symptoms. I will create the needed prescriptions for you that you can have a care giver pick up from the Shindai Wellness Office.  I will also advise on additional healing modalities you can do at home related to your situation.

  • Because my background is in western medicine at the highest levels, I will be able to quickly identify when/if western medicine approaches are warranted.  

I would like to emphasize that Sedona & it’s surrounding area does not have routine testing for COVID. You are only tested if you are hospitalized. I am treating clients now that I can say with 99% certainly have COVID-19.  They are self-quarantined.  No primary care or hospital wants to see them unless they can’t breathe. Good news is because of aggressive Shindai Wellness treatments at home, we are maintaining a stable…situation.  Lastly, Tamiflu is not be effective for this virus.  *MORE About ME  BS in Biology (SDSU), BS in Nursing (SDSU), Master’s in Nursing (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Previous board certification in Critical Care, MS in Oriental Medicine, Certification in Kampo Herbal Medicine as well as TCM herbal medicine.   I have been working in medicine for 27 years (my family would say even before, as I was doing first aid classes in junior high). I have worked at the bedside as an ICU nurse & trauma nurse, I was one of the first to become a nurse practitioner board certified in critical care. I worked at that period in trauma (I was the first trauma nurse practitioner in San Diego), Neurosurgery (managing closed head injury, brain tumors, spinal issues, & assisting in surgery), & bone marrow transplant / oncology (managing complex internal medicine issues). For over a decade I have been offering my expertise & care through the avenue of East Asian medicine, with acupuncture & herbal medicine. I have been committed to keeping up with knowledge & skills that benefit my clients   Yours in wellness, Kimberly Maloney MSTOM, LAc 619-587-1779 BODY-HEART-SPACE Total Healing

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