Staying & Getting Healthy

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As a highly trained Western & Eastern Medical Professional with over 27 years of practice, I naturally found myself intimately involved in most of the past viral epidemics including Rotavirus (bad flu) to SARS to H1N1 while living in a major metropolitan area.  *I’ve included  more about my medical background at the end of this letter if you would like to know more about my credentials.   Like you, I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about our current COVID-19 situation.  A lot is helpful…some is grossly not helpful.  Here I hope to give you more of a feeling of empowerment about what you can do, and how Shindai Wellness can help.    COVID-19 is serious, it is here in Sedona & it will most likely affect you or someone you know. Here are the basics:
  • This virus has a very fast transmission rate.

  • It affects your lungs primarily but there is evidence of it effecting and mimicking regular “flu” symptoms. 

  • You are at higher risk if you are over 60, and/or have any lung issues, have co-morbidities (other medical issues like a suppressed immune system), are a smoker, work with the public, or have significant stress in your life.

Seriously, Eastern Medicine Works.  

  • NIH (National Institutes of Health) has reported that Eastern Medicine including acupuncture & herbal medicine has proven to be superior in 55,000 reported cases to Western/Allopathic medicine. 

  • Acupuncture & especially Moxa (a heated compound used during treatment)  has shown to increase the number of immune defense cells circulating in your blood which are needed to fight the virus. 

  • Herbal medicine is one of the purist forms medicine you can put into your body.  Those patients that have been treated with herbal medicine are recovering faster & they are showing less long term effects. 

So what can you…we…do?  If you are healthy

  • Keep your immune system boosted by: